Home by Extinctions

The website for EXTINCTIONS, a commercial fossil business is an excellent source for those collectors and institutions unable to spend the field time necessary to secure their own specimens. Their Home page says it all. The great thing about, beyond the new trilobites they bring to the market weekly, is their archive page that allows someone the ability to study a photograph of a particular genus or species.

The creative genius behind is Sam Gon, a PhD in Zoology who has turned his attention and passion loose on his favorite arthropod. Sam’s site is by far the most visited of sites dedicated to our trilobite and well should be for in it one might find the answers to questions or the pleasure of taking-in the beauty of the “Trilobite of the Month”.

Black Cat Mountain

While specializing in Devonian trilobites rather than Ordovician this is a very well done trilobite site and well worth the time to visit. Black Cat Mountain is primarily a commercial site but is educational as well.

Yahoo Trilobite Club

For those of you with a yearning to network with fellow trilobite fans.

Trenton Formation

The Museum of Comparative Zoology has a wonderful site with : histories of personalities, formation descriptions,  associated fauna, sedimentolgy, etc. A Great Resource for Ordovician fans!

American Trilobite Suppliers, Inc.

Jason Cooper and Jake Skabelund's commercial website includes trilobites from several locations across the country.